We operate in the sector of installation and maintenance of civil, industrial and naval electrical systems.

The headquarter, of over 900 mq, is positioned in the industrial area of ​​the municipality of Senago, just outside Milan, here you can find our offices, the warehouse and the workshop where there are various processes such as construction and wiring of electrical panels.


The company is particularly appreciated for the attention and care with which industrial and naval electrical systems are made.

Concerning technological plants, Meev. s.r.l. is known for its ability to provide worldwide punctual service, safe and respectful of all applicable local laws.
Work experience and constant attention to market trends and customer needs are the basis for the realization of complex products systems in high qualified contexts.

Meev  Technologies s.r.l. is daily promoted by professionalism, reliability and experience of its staff, our strengths :


Multi-year work experience

Multi-year presence in Milan and the its hinterland

Multi-year operations in Italy and abroad.